Development Phases

The ALV project was conceived as a three-phase development covering a total of 470,000 SQM of land.


Phase 1, covering 140,000 SQM, completed on 2009 covering 140,000 SQM, It comprises a container freight station (CFS), distribution center, a hard stand and asphalt open yards and a service center.





Phase 2 completed on August 2015 the development, covered 120,000 SQM. It comprises a multipurpose warehouse for cross-docking, storage and distribution, plus additional open and shaded yard space for all types of cargo.




Phase 3 Expected to start on 2018 and will comprise further storage and cargo handling space for logistics services of all kinds as Aqaba continues to develop as a vital cargo hub for Iraq and the Levant.

The Phase 3 development will total 220,000 SQM in size and there is scope for inclusion of bespoke warehouses and other developments under long-term agreements.

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